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Help Overview

Overview: The Major Features of Your Readerboard Service:

  1. Allow members of your sales team access to readerboard reports with their own user accounts. ...click for more
  2. Have prospects researched with the click of a button ...click for more
  3. Delegate prospects between members of your sales team ...click for more
  4. Trace prospects for follow-up in a future calendar quarter ...click for more
  5. Export readerboard data ...click for more
  6. Search within your dataset using your own criteria ...click for more
  7. Run special reports instantly ...click for more

New videos!

  1. Training Intro and Login
  2. Dashboard Overview
  3. Sorting Through Your Weekly Readerboard Reports
  4. Google and Superpages
  5. Google and Superpages
  6. Requesting Research
  7. Delegating Groups
  8. Other Report Functions
  9. Prospect Manager
  10. Creating Custom Reports
  11. Searching for Verified Contacts
  12. Most Active Groups in Compset
  13. Lost Business Report
  14. Market Share Report
  15. Annual Repeat Report
  16. Top 50 Report
  17. Virtual Tenant Directory
  18. Adding and Deleting Users
  19. Setting Alert Preferences

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