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How to: Add a new user to the system:

Adding users to the system allows members of a sales team to easily and quickly delegate and research prospects. Every user is granted their own unique login and the primary account manager can assign certain permissions, including the ability to request research, which may incur charges on the account, and delegate prospects to other members of the sales team.

Users can only be added to the system by the primary account holder.
To add a new user, the primary account holder must log in to their Client Management Interface and go to the My Account tab located at the top of the screen.

Here you will see an overview of your account, including the hotel the account is registered under, the competitive set assigned to the account, and the authorized account manager. At the bottom of the screen is a section called authorized users. Once they are added to the system, all of the members of your sales team will appear here. Using the menu on the right hand column, click on manager users.

Here you will see a screen that outlines the authorized users on the system. If you have not yet setup an authorized user, you will see a note that says There are currently no users in the system. To add a user, click the link that says click here to add users.

Now you will see the user input screen. From here you must enter the following pieces of information regarding the individual you wish to add to the system:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username (this must be in the form of a primary and valid email address so the individual can receive status reports on research requests, delegations and more).
  • Permission to delegate prospects to other users of this account:

    By allowing this privilege the user (Sales Manager) may delegate prospects to himself as well as other sales managers. If this is NOT SELECTED the user may only receive prospects that have been delegated to him by the Primary Account Holder (Director of Sales) or other privileged users.
  • Permission to incur billable expenses:

    Some products /services on this system may fall outside your subscription plan. Activating this privilege allows a selected user to incur expenses on the account. These expenses will be indicated at the time of purchase giving the user the opportunity to accept or reject the purchase.

Fill-out the form and continue. All fields are necessary, but leave the permissions boxes unchecked if you do not wish the user be allowed those privileges. The system will check to see you have entered a valid email address for the username.

Important: every new user is sent a setup letter with a temporary password to the email address that is being used as the username. If this email address is invalid or checked infrequently, the user will not receive their setup letter and will not be able to access the system.

If you have any problems adding users to the system, or have questions regarding this process, you may contact CMX by sending an email to support@readerboard.com.

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