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How to: Delegate Prospects to Members of Your Sales Team

Delegating prospects through your Client Management Interface helps keep your efforts organized and efficient. Please note that you must have permission to delegate prospects to other members of your sales team from your authorized account.

You may delegate prospects from any report screen in the Client Management Interface, but most likely your weekly readerboard reports will be where you delegate the majority of your prospects from.

To access your weekly readerboards, simply click on the My Reports tab at the top of the your browser window:

Your weekly readerboard report will be displayed on the screen for the first hotel in your compset. Scroll to the bottom of the report to where you see six actionable icons:

The first icon from the left is that of a U Turn Arrow. This is the icon for delegating prospects. Note that to the left of every organization on your report, there is a checkbox. If you wish to delegate any event and its corresponding organization to other members of your sales team, simply check this box. You may select as many events on one screen to delegate as you like. When you have checked the box next to each event you would like to delegate, click the delegate icon action button.

A window will popup showing you one of two possibilities:
  • Giving you the option of which user on your team you wish to delegate the selected prospects to. Simply click the button next to the user you wish to follow-up on the prospects. You also may include instructions or comments in the notes field. Additionally, you may request to receive an email reminder on a specific date to follow-up on the status of the individual pursuing the prospects.
  • Alerting you that you have not been given permission by the Authorized Account Manager to delegate prospects. To be able to delegate prospects, your Authorized Account Manager must give you permissions in the My Account area of their Client Management Interface.

Once you confirm the delegation, the delegated events are sent instantaneously by email to the appropriate individual, informing them of their task and outlining the organizations and their corresponding event data.

You can periodically check on the status of your delegation assignments through your Prospect Manager, which is the first screen you see when you log in to your client account. You may also reach it by selecting the Manager tab from the top of your browser window.

The instant the individual responsible for the prospects changes their status and enters applicable notes, you will be notified through the Prospect Manager. Select Delegated Prospects from the menu on the left hand column of the interface. Here, delegated prospects will be marked as either complete or unsuccessful. To view the details of the individual's inquiry, simply click on the organization name.

A window will popup outlining the overall status of the prospect. If the sales manager that follow-up on the prospect achieved any success, it will be outlined in the notes information here. Likewise, if the sales manager requested research on the event, the planner and group information will also be articulated here.

If you wish, you can request that an email alert be sent to you when a sales manager changes the status of a delegated prospect and delivers you notes on the outcome. You can specify this preference by selecting My Account from the top navigation menu, then Set Alert Preferences from the left hand menu. [help main]

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