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How to: Research Prospects:

Researching events through your Client Management Interface is easy. Please note that you must have permission to request research from your authorized account manager as it may result in billable expenses to your account.

Research is able to be requested from any report screen in the Client Management Interface, but most likely your weekly readerboard reports will be where you request the majority of your research.

To access your weekly readerboards, simply click on the Weekly Readerboard Reports button from your dashboard:

The simplest way to request research for a group is to click on the red R button listed next to any group in a CMX report:

After clicking the R, if there is no contact listed or if you would like a more recent contact, simply click Request Verified Contact:

You will then be taken to a screen where you can see how many research credits you have in your account. Simply click Yes, proceed with research request and we will research the contact for you. One research request equals one credit and we will only take a credit for successful research.

To request multiple groups for research at once simply click the check box to the left of each group you would like researched:

Scroll to the bottom of your screen and then click on Research:

This will take you to the Bank Page where you can proceed with your research request. Research reports can be found in your Prospect Manager.

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