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How to: Search within your dataset

One of the features you may find to be the most valuable of the many available through your Client Management Interface is the ability to search through readerboard data using your own custom filters.

To access the Search Your Dataset utility, select the My Reports tab from the top menu and then select search dataset from the menu on the left hand column.

On your screen you will see a series of panels which outline a specific filter.

Panel 1: Choose Hotel
Select which hotels in your competitive set you wish to have included in the search. Use the select all check box if you wish to search all of them (recommended).

Panel 2: Select Date Range
Search in any date range of your choosing. You may wish to search the previous holiday season for Christmas party opportunities, or an entire quarter. The date range is up to you, however, please note that each hotel in your competitive set is assigned a date from which historical data is available. Data from any time period after this date will be returned if it makes it through the other filters you specify. If you select a start date before historical data is available for that hotel, data will only be returned for the time period allowed.

Panel 3: Choose Function Types
Select which function types you would like to have returned. You choose as many or as few as you like, but you must select at least one. For convenience, there is a Select All F&B (Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinner, Reception, Hospitality) checkbox at the bottom of this panel.

Panel 4: Select Days of the Week
Data will be returned for each day of the week you check (the default is allow data to be returned from all days). If you are searching for weekend events, you may only want to select Friday and Saturday, or for mid-week events Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. The choice is yours!

Panel 5: Days Filter
It may be of interest to you to select a consecutive days option. The default is to allow all events to be returned, regardless of whether they met one day only, or over multiple days. You may also select groups that met one day only and groups that met multiple days only.

Panel 6: Square Footage Filter
You have the option of specifying events be returned that met in a certain sized room. We suggest being as general as possible, for example, search for events that met in rooms between 1000 and 5000 square feet, under 1000 for smaller events or over 5000 for large events. You can leave one or all of these fields blank.

Panel 7: Run Report
By selecting either Quick Report, which will generate up to 50 records, or Full Report, which will generate up to 200 records, a readerboard report will be generated for you.

You may request research, delegate, trace, insert notes, export and run market share reports on any or all of the events returned.

To run another custom query, simply select the back button from either the top or the bottom of the report.

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