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How to: Trace prospects for follow-up

Tracing prospects for follow-up in a future calendar quarter can come in handy if you come across a prospect in your weekly readerboards that you know doesn't apply to your current finding mission, but may be nice one to keep in mind in a few months.

You may trace prospects from any report screen in the Client Management Interface, but most likely your weekly readerboard reports will be where you trace the majority of your prospects from.

To access your weekly readerboards, simply click on the My Reports tab at the top of the your browser window:

Your weekly readerboard report will be displayed on the screen for the first hotel in your compset. Scroll to the bottom of the report to where you see six actionable icons:

The fourth icon from the left is that of a Bird. This is the icon for tracing prospects. Note that to the left of every organization on your report, there is a checkbox. If you wish to trace any event and its corresponding organization for follow-up in at a future date, simply check this box. You may select as many events on one screen to trace as you like. When you have checked the box next to each event you would like to trace, click the trace icon action button.

A window will popup showing you the following message: Please select a future date for these prospects to be traced for. They will appear sorted by quarter in your Prospect Manager.

Once you select a date and confirm the trace, the selected events are added to the Traced Prospects area of your Prospect Manager.

You can periodically check on the dates of your traced prospects through your Prospect Manager, which is the first screen you see when you log in to your client account. You may also reach it by selecting the Manager tab from the top of your browser window.

Traced prospects are grouped by calendar quarter, with the current quarter listed first.

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