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The hospitality industry's premier reader board based data information service.

Competitive Marketing Exchange has been offering reader board based competitive marketing intelligence to the hospitality industry since 1991. Headquartered in Chicago, CMX has grown to be the industry leader as a supplier of competitive data.

Guy DiCara, President of CMX, has spent his entire career in the hospitality, meeting and travel industry. Before founding CMX, he was an independent meeting planner and Director of Meetings for two major national associations. In addition, early in his career Guy worked in national sales for two major hotel companies as well as a leading airline. He understands the needs of this industry and is accustomed to providing nothing less than the highest quality of service.

The core of the CMX team are our dedicated professional collectors who gather reader board information six days a week, 52 weeks a year from over 500 hotels nationally.

Dedicated telephone researchers add value to the reader board data by establishing the telephone verified contact information related to a particular event. This is one reason that CMX is considered the premiere reader board collection service.

Our constantly evolving and improving online data application and computer system is the heart of CMX.

We understand that "raw data" is helpful, but "dynamic data" is powerful. CMX is dedicated to giving first class, timely service customized to the needs of each individual client. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the most targeted prospect leads a client requires and to deliver it complete with contact information as quickly as possible.

In addition, our archive of over 15 years of daily data gives us the unique opportunity to predict trends, anticipate needs and conduct competitive analysis in a way that cannot be duplicated or provided by any other source or company.