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Since 1991 CMX has been the hospitality industry's premier reader board based data information service. We monitor the competitive activity of hotels, convention centers and meeting facilities nationally. From local gatherings to national events we track the meeting and catering activities of businesses and organizations large and small.

Wouldn't you like to know...
  • ...reader board postings of events that took place at hotels and meeting venues
  • ...the telephoned verified contact information of the person who booked that event
  • ...your competitor's most active meeting and catering clients
  • ...which companies are the most frequent users of meeting space in your market
  • ...and data you can use to fill critical need periods.

Our proprietary online Client Management Interface (CMI) allows you to view and manipulate event data using your desktop, laptop or any Internet terminal.

Using the CMI you will have the ability to manage prospects as well as assign and monitor related tasks to your Sales Managers. You can also generate custom reports and a selection of standard reports, when you need them based on criteria you select.

Standard reports include:
  • Top Activity Report shows your competitor's 25, 50 or 100 most active groups.
  • Market Share Report identifies where key clients meet most often.
  • Square Footage Report provides a comparison of total meeting square footage used among hotels in your comp set on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.
  • Annual Repeat Report reveals competitor's ongoing annual repeat business.
  • Catering Report generates a list of stand-alone F&B prospects.

CMX is...

Information is collected six days per week and entered into your personal dataset.

Expert collectors gather information from reader boards and personally input the data into our online database. Data is always checked and verified to provide our clients the highest degree of accuracy.

Researched prospects are not simply derived from a public database or the Internet. Experienced telephone researchers phone to establish and verify the contact information of the specific decision maker related to each event.

You can manipulate your data and generate your own custom competitive reports online as you need them.

Our database can be filtered and queried using over 35 data fields from which your custom reports are generated.

Your sales staff wants to sell. That is what they do best.

Sales organizations who conduct their own in-house reader board collection initiative often have trouble maintaining an ongoing effort. The "secret" to a successful reader board program is consistency. With over 15 years of experience, CMX has a proven track record of being beneficial in helping clients to acquire more profitable group and catering business.

Acquisition of just one piece of business can offset the entire annual cost of service.